Business to Business

Afghanistan's AgFairs provide great business networking opportunities. They attract representatives of agribusinesses of all ranges, from small to large and multinational companies, all of attend in order to showcase their products and services. We encourage you to participate and use this opportunity to network with different companies from around Afghanistan and the world in order to boost your business potential.

More than 140 agribusinesses, associations, cooperatives, international donor organizations, and a diversity of MAIL projects annually participate in our AgFairs. At these events, you will have the chance to network with the companies/organizations/associations such as:

  • AAIDO - Afghanistan Almond Industry Development Organization;
  • Herat Saffron Company;
  • Afghanistan Export Promotion Agency;
  • Green Organic Agriculture Production Company;
  • Aga Khan Foundation;
  • Agricultural Development Foundation (ADF);
  • Agriculture Market Infrastructure Project (AMIP);
  • Afghan Women Business Federation (AWBF);
  • Nursery Growers Associations from Kunar, Nuristan, Logar and Laghman ;
  • Agriculture and Livestock Products Cooperatives from Kapisa, Logar, Laghman and Nangarhar;
  • Afghanistan National Horticulture Development Organization (ANHDO);
  • Afghanistan National Seed Organization (ANSOR);
  • Afghan Cooling Construction Company;
  • Bahar-e-Kalafgah Honey Cooperative;
  • Group for the Environment-Renewable Energy & Solidarity (GERES);
  • Herbal Medicine Producers Farmers Association;
  • World of Gems and Minerals Company;
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industries;
  • And many others representing the various sectors involved in domestic and international agriculture-related business.

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